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Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Award – Winter 2017 Competition!

I bust my ass at every wedding to make something special for my couple on their big day.  When you give your photographer time, and trust their vision to create something unique with you, you’ll end up with wedding photos that aren’t just snapshots and art for your livingroom walls :) I concentrate on capturing natural moments, telling your story through those emotional connections between you and your guests.  It’s my goal to show you the wedding day that you […]

SB Images Kingston Wedding Photographer Award Winning Wedding Photography - Emotion

Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Award – Spring 2016 Competition

A Monday morning can be a happy event (go figure!) …I woke up today to find the email from the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada arriving shortly after I sat at my desk with a fresh pot (FRESH POTS!!)) with the Spring 2016 contest results inside and after browsing the first few categories of amazeballs work I found myself the winner of 3rd place in the “Emotion” category. The thing I try to convey most in my wedding photography is the emotional connection […]

Kingston Wedding Photographer - Prince Edward County Wedding Photographer SB Images

Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada – Fall 2015 award!

I was incredibly stoked to be included in the winners in the Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada Fall 2015 competition…. This shot of Heather and Korey’s wedding took 10th place among some amazing photographs in the Bride and Groom Portrait Category.