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Hi.  My name is Shayne – I’m a wedding photographer based in Kingston Ontario.

Photographer. Drummer. Dad.  Husband.   These are the four things I do every day;  but still try to find time for more things like reading, listening to a Pearl Jam album and/or watching Star Wars.  I do my best to mix the dad part with each of these things as often as possible with our 11 year old son (who is much bigger than this photo …I’ll fix that this summer)

I’m a strong believer in you having fun on your wedding day and never taking yourself too seriously when it comes to photographs.

I fell in love with photography while I was travelling with a few different bands (playing drums) after graduating from college.  With so much time between soundcheck and showtime I found myself wandering the streets of wherever I was looking for something to do.  I picked up a camera on a whim and realized how awesome it was to be able to remember times and places long after they’d passed.

With an education in Behavioral Science (the study of human behavior – like those FBI agents on Criminal Minds but without the murdering and press conferences) I was drawn to photographing people on the streets living their lives.  I really wanted to document my travels by remembering the people where I was.

When my aspirations of rockstardom fizzled I came home for good and began working for friends who were established Kingston wedding photographers as their assistant and 2nd shooter.   Working with, and learning from, some amazing photographers was great experience before venturing out on my own.   I also regularly attend workshops by some of my favorite (and award winning) photographers to continue to challenge myself to outperform yesterday.

I hope we get to make some amazing images together on your awesome day!


I’m a proud member of the following Organizations:

International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers - Member Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada - Member Wedding Photojournalist Association - Member